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: If you are promoting an affiliate program without using this secret list building method, you are missing out on easy money.

Dear Friend,

It's a fact: If you're not capturing email addresses and building a list then you won't get rich on the Internet...PERIOD!

And up until now, the only way you could really build your list was if you promoted your own web site. If you were promoting an affiiate program you were out of luck. There was no way for you to get people on your list. But thanks to a new hidden opt in system,

Now You Can Capture Email Addresses From ANY Web Site In The World

In just a few minutes you'll see exactly how you can use the Instant Subscribers Marketing System to build a huge subscriber list that you can sell to over and over again.


Look, it's a fact that not everyone is ready to "buy" on the first visit. And if you're promoting an affiiate program then you're losing countless sales when all of those visitors don't buy the first time. After all, if they weren't at least a little interested then they wouldn't have come to your affiiate site in the first place, right?

The truth is that even though they didn't buy from that particular affiliate program...they'll probably buy from one that is similar in the very near future!

But the only way you'll ever make the commission when they do is if you have your own list and a way to automatically follow up with them.

If you don't capture their email then you're losing a ton of money every time someone doesn't buy on the first visit.

Affiliate Programs are one of the "hottest" methods of making money on the Internet because you can rake in profits by selling hot products...without having to do any of the real "work".

But there's a HUGE problem.

Almost all affiliate programs do not give you a way to follow-up with the visitors to your affiliate web page.

Why? Because, they are the one capturing the information, and they are the ones that will follow-up with YOUR LEAD! But you were the one that spent your time and money generating the traffic to the web page so shouldn't you be able to follow up with the prospects too?

Enter the Instant Subscribers Marketing System...

This method will make any affiliate program web site into a traffic generating, sale closing cash cow!

By simply entering a small piece of HTML code into your website you will be able to capture the contact information of any visitor on any affiliate web site that you currently promote!

The possibilities on how to use Instant Subscribers are truly limitless.


See Exactly How This Works Right Now

One of the affiliate programs Stephan Ducharme, the famous “FreeAdGuru” took up a challenge. It's an excellent program and the web page does a great job of converting visitors into buyers.


Take a close look at this website because this is about normal for affiliate web pages. You see there is absolutely no way that I can follow-up with a person that visits this site.

So let's checkout what adding our Pay Per Text Code will do:


You'll notice that the web site for FreeAdGuru stays the same. But by simply using Instant Subscribers, we're offering the visitor a "bribe" to opt in to OUR list...so we can personally follow up with our own marketing whenever we want!

You know how powerful this will be in your business. Order now!

Here Are Just A Few Easy Ways That Instant Subscribers Can Make You Money:

- Offer a FREE Report, Newsletter, e-Book, or eZine Subscription that either relates to or promotes your products or services.

- Offer a direct link to a product that is a must have when using the product or service from the affiliate page the Pay Per Text Code is in.

- Place a Book Mark this page link in the pay per text code! If the affiliate page does not offer this already you can put it in the pay per text code and they will have a way to do it!

- Think of your own way! That's right beyond the must have code (to make it work) you can do just about anything you want to promote anything you want!

Instant Subscribers is a not a membership or a large e-Book that will take you days to read, understand and implement. It's an easy to follow step by step VIDEO series that'll take you by the hand and have you up and running today.

The Instant Subscribers System is easy to use. You simply "plug in" your affiliate URL into the system, and "plug in" the email capture form that's provided for you with Instant Subscribers.

Then simply upload the system to any web server (it can even be a free one) and you're up and running!

From the time you get started you can be up and running in less then 60 minutes!

What's A Huge List Of Hungry Customers Worth To Your Business?

It's a fact: The real key to creating massive wealth on the Internet is to build an opt in list. your list can be worth millions to you over the long term. you can use it to literally generate cash on demand.

And that's why Instant Subscribers is so vitally important to your success. It allows you to build a huge list no matter what web site you promote. You'll have an "unfair advantage" over your competition!

So how much is this unfair advantage worth? My associates tell me that I should charge at least $197 for Instant Subscribers and the videos that come with it. After all, this amazing yet simple system is brand new and hyper effective.

But as part of a marketing test, I'm willing to "give the system away" for only $47.77.

The reason why I'm "giving it away" for such a low price is that I'm testing various price points for this offer. $47.77 is the lowes price point I'm testing and it's going up to $97.77 very soon.

So if you want to lock in the low price and take advantage of this test offer, then click here to order right now.

And here's even better news...you have absolutely NO risk at all because you're protected by my famous...


Never-Before-Seen, You'll Make Money Or You Get Everything FREE, Double Guarantee!

Try Instant Subscribers for the next full 90 days.

If you aren't 100% satisfied for any reason (or for no reason at all) simply email or call me and I'll gladly give you all of your money back with no hassles, and no headaches!

And I'll even go one step further to place all of the risk on my shoulders (which is where it should be) by offering you an additional guarantee that no one else on the Internet will give you. Quite Simply,

Even If You Get A Refund, You Still Keep Instant Subscribers For Free

Even if you decide to get a refund for any reason (or for no reason at all) you can still KEEP Instant Subscribers for free. It's literally impossible for you to go wrong!

Click Here To Take Advantage Of My Better-Than-Risk-Free Offer

Even at our ridiculously low price I'm still going to throw in a few "must have" bonuses to help you profit even more from Instant Subscribers.

Bonus #1: "AutoResponder Gold". This 10-page report details powerfully how some of the Internet's Top Marketers utilize Autoresponders to generate leads and sales.  Featured Marketers include Ken Evoy, Allen Says, Paul Myers, Sam Robbins, and Jimmy Brown among others.

Bonus #2: "Million Dollar Emails" A comprehensive e-Book about marketing using Opt-In Lists.  From starting your opt-list, managing it, to writing powerful ad copy to send to it, you will learn it in Yanik Silver's Masterpiece!

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Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover

If you want to secure your financial future... if you want to build a solid, responsive email list "from thin air" and cash in on your share of the hidden Internet fortune, then this is the best opportunity to come your way in years.

To Your Success,

Viktor Shvedov

P.S. The only thing left for you to do is take action. How long do you think it will be before your competition is using Instant Subscribers? How often does someone just hand you an easy way to generate leads and make sales?  Act Now!
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