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 Your cash from promotions?

 Money that is rightfully yours?

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"I'm impressed. Not only will Affiliate Armor get rid of the server side redirect that most super affiliates use, it preserves the commission that some folk would have readily scooped for themselves.

The fact that it gives the added benefit of improved search engine positioning for affiliate links is just icing on the cake.

I also found it very easy to use. Type in the affiliate link I want to protect and click the submit button... It doesn't get any simpler than that.

I get an encoded page where no one can steal the commission. But the real beauty is, the encoded page and the product page - I would have linked to - look the same. No one can tell it's an affiliate link.

Most protection software out there is geared towards the seller, relying on them to protect the commission for the affiliates. Your software comes from the angle of protecting the little guy, the affiliate.

Thanks again for introducing me to your software."

Michael Campbell
Author of Nothing But 'Net & Clickin' it Rich

Most companies don't protect their affiliates.

As Michael pointed out, most protection software relies on the seller to protect his affiliates, and unfortunately most of them don't go to the trouble.

But now, Affiliate Armor enables affiliates to protect themselves!

It will protect any affiliate link.

Most affiliate managers are not even aware of how easy it is to bypass their referring affiliate.

ClickBank ® is probably one of the largest affiliate managers on the Internet and provides an excellent service at an unbeatable price.

Part of the appeal of ClickBank ® is that it is so easy to set up an affiliate program and so simple to become an affiliate. In our opinion, ClickBank ® is the best affiliate solution for most companies.

But...(And this is a big but..(and no, I'm not calling them fat. That would be butt ;-)

This ease of use does not come without a price. It is easy to change most affiliate links so that the affiliate who told you about the program doesn't get the commission, but you do.

Are you beginning to see why you must have this program?

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(You must have a website and be able to upload a file to it)

Unlike most of our competitors, Affiliate Armor DOES work with older versions of Netscape.

Here's Why You Are Losing Commissions:

Let's say you hear about a new ebook and click on the link; say it's You like what the book has to offer and decide to buy it. But why should you pay full price when you don't have to?

If you are signed up with ClickBank ®, all you have to do is copy the address from your browser. Paste it into Notepad. Change the ClickBank ® ID, (in this case smartnews, between the question mark and the slash), to your own.

Then copy the new URL. Paste it into your browser and voila; the affiliate loses his commission again and you get the book for as little as half price.

Believe me, it takes longer to describe than it does to do it.

Notice: On August 7, 2002 ClickBank ® improved their security somewhat. It isn't quite as easy to bypass the original affiliate as it once was, however, it is still quite simple without Affiliate Armor.

But isn't that stealing? We are not judges; it is not for us to say. Some might view it that way. Others feel that they would likely have come across the website anyway sooner or later and don't see why they should pay double the price when they don't have to. This is a useless debate anyway because...

The fact is, it IS being done, so you need to protect yourself.

What can be done about it though?

Is there anything ClickBank ® can do? I don't think so. It would require a complete overhaul of the way their program works. That's not going to happen.

How about the Affiliate Managers? Can they do something? Yes. But without some incentive, most of them never will.

Is there anything you can do?

Yes, now there is an easy solution.

The Super Affiliate's Secret Marketing Tool

Now you can protect yourself too with our revolutionary method.

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(You must have a website and be able to upload a file to it)

"Take a bow Ellery, your Affiliate Armor is just a W I Z A R D system!!

No longer do I have to use an affiliate ID code string that ends somewhere in the next country... AND I get to keep ALL the money that I work so hard to make; no more thieving.

AND... it's so simple that even a techno-illiterate like myself can use it.

Thanks Pal. Ellery for President, I say :-) "

Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

Do you ever wonder why you are not making as much money as others on the Internet?

Are you aware of how many affiliate commissions do not go to the affiliate who earned them? Well now you can make sure you get credit for every dollar you earn from affiliate programs with Click Bank Guard.

No More Long Affiliate Link URLs

Which link would you rather click on? or

Your Affiliate Armor protected links will be short.

Look At All The Benefits:

 Bullet proof your affiliate links against piracy.

 Make certain you receive all your hard earned commissions.

 No script to install. (Just upload a few files)

 Saves you time and money.

 Never worry about your affiliate link being bypassed again. Often prospects you have referred remove the excess affiliate code to shorten the url. Sometimes they even substitute their own code for yours, and they receive the commission. But now you can prevent that.

 Improve Your Credibility

 By using Affiliate Armor your referrals will often not even be aware that you are using an affiliate link most of the time.

 Customers will be more open to your recommendations and...

 More sales will be the result.
(This means more money in your bank account, not someone else's.)

 No third party server involved. Put it on your own website.

 No worries about someone elses server being down and affecting your sales.

 No additional monthly hosting costs. You can even use a free hosting account.

 Search Engine Friendly - Your new url will not have a question mark that prevents it from being indexed by search engines. Plus, you can include your own meta tag title, description, and keywords to not only get listed but to get a top ranking.

 Keep all your links short

 Now you can make every long, unappealing affiliate or web site link become a short, easy to remember, search engine friendly url.

 Your visitors are 3 times more likely to click on a short link and buy from you.

 Unlimited Affiliate URLs - Set up an unlimited number of affiliate links.

 No additional costs. No yearly fees to pay.

How This Works:

Click on and a new window will open. You will be taken to Marlon Sanders' Cash Like Clockwork site.

But notice that OUR domain name is still showing in your browser's address. Yes, you got there through our affiliate link, and if you purchase his great course, we will get credit.

Now you can set up all of your affiliate links with your own domain name like this with the click of a button.

All you do is enter your affiliate URL, click Submit, and the complete HTML code for your new web page will be inserted into your Windows clipboard. (Mac users can copy and paste) Now just paste it into Notepad and save it with an .html extension.

Easy to follow directions are included so that even the most computer illiterate can quickly get the job done. You can even modify the meta tags and body of the page for excellent search engine rankings if you want to.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you feel that we haven't delivered everything we said we would, ask for a complete refund within 90 days... and we'll refund your money immediately. We take all the risk.

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It will pay for itself over and over. "

Best regards, Jim Daniels

If you knew how many times your affiliate link has been bypassed,
you would realize...

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Ellery Coleman


Viktor Shvedov

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